So glad this shea butter is finding a good home! 

You should be able to order through this page, but email (, call or text (813-431-6148), or send a message on Facebook if you have any issues. 

I'm sorry the shipping is so high, these things will only fit in a medium sized usps box and we do most of our shipping through click-n-ship. 

I also have a store with essential oils and related products. We are working on repricing some oils and integrating them into the website over the next few weeks. If there is anything else you need, let me know. It will be easy to slip a few more items into the package if needed. 



Also, I just got in Boswellic Acid today (both wet and dry), and just thought I'd add it here if you'd like me to add any to your package. 

Boswellic Acid
from 10.00

Only the dry is pictured. Both dry (powder) and wet (paste) is available. 

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