5 Dreams for Upward Spiral in 2014

Upward Spiral has big dreams for what it can become. Here is just a few:

1. Open the Upward Spiral Center for Healing and Transformation. This is what we've been working on since last Spring. We already have about 20% of our goal of $50,000, and have plans in the works for more fundraising to come. Having the center will give us the space for our other dreams to emerge and we know that we will be supported in this vision. You all have shown us that already!

2. Develop a unique approach to therapeutic bodywork that can be taught and continuously improved upon. Upward Spiral massage therapists have been trained in therapeutic techniques such as Structural Energetic Therapy, CranioSomatic Therapy, and Blossoming Heart Aromatic Kineisiology. We are working on a system that incorporates them all and still allows for the uniqueness of each session.  We see ourselves bringing more therapists into the Upward Spiral fold and building an even more comprehensive approach to pain relief and emotional healing.

3. Merge with the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy. We are blessed to be inheriting the legacy of Sylla Sheppard-Hanger and the Atlantic Institute's aromatherapy education program. For 30 years, Sylla has created a beautiful program that incorporates both the scientific approach to aromatherapy with an intimate understanding of the intuitive side of healing.  We have begun to help in new program developments and class registration. We hope to become the home of aromatherapy in Tampa, FL and beyond.

4. Create a successful line of aromatherapy products with Upward Spiral Essentials. When we started teaching classes with the Atlantic Institute last summer, we realized there was a lack of reliable aromatherapy products available locally to our clientele. So we've contacted reputable brokers and sourced out top-quality oils for our clients.  We've already had a great response to our blends and look forward to exploring this branch of our business. 

5. Be a key player in the success of the Twilight Market. Tampa's only evening market is now at one of our most favorite places: Kaleisia Tea Lounge.  It has already been a great source for new connections and customers since it began last November.  Upward Spiral will be there each Tuesday evening from 6-10pm, but we hope people don't come just for us. The market is the place to connect with your community and support other local businesses that are doing what they love. In a world where "working" and "love" are seldom heard in the same sentence, we hope to nurture spaces where following one's dream is not only supported but expected.  

What are your dreams for 2014?