RightNow/WriteNow :: New Year

This year we will begin a new series called RightNow/WriteNow. Each Wednesday we will post a suggested meditation and writing exercise. You can practice it however you'd like. We hope these posts will inspire you to take a moment out each week to reflect on some aspect of your life and listen to what your inner wisdom has to tell you. 

RightNow: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Reflect on your life over the past year. How did 2013 begin for you? Review over the past twelve months.  As your mental time map gets to the present moment, keep your inner vision moving through the next year. What do you see for yourself? What sorts of new experiences do you want to invite into your life?

WriteNow: Set your timer for at least 5 min. and write about what you see for yourself over the next year. What new experiences and perspectives do you want to usher in over the next year? 

Let us know how this little exercise was for you. Leave us a note on Facebook or Twitter.