5 Reasons Why Massage Makes You Feel Better

Everyone knows massage feels good, but not everyone knows that massage can help when you are in pain.  Here are some reasons why our clients keep coming back.

1. Its healing to be touched. Our bodies are made to be touched and not just in a sexual way. Touching has profound psychological benefits; when the touch is good, we feel good. There is a reason why we want to reach out and touch someone when they are upset. Its a way for our body to say to theirs, "I am here with you. You are not alone."

2. Massage releases restrictions in your body. Often times, the root of any painful condition is some type of distortion in the body structure.  When a skilled therapist is able to identify the restrictions and release them in a way to restore a better structure, then the reason for the pain is no longer present.

3. When was the last time you slowed down for an hour or more? Most of us live with our switch on "DO" 24/7.   We are constantly doing, but we also have to remember to have time where we are being, experiencing, not doing.  Massage helps us to let go and hand over our experience to someone else, in a good way.  One does not really have to "do" much in massage.  And just a little time of "not doing," will actually make doing things more efficient when you return, which means you'll be less stressed, which means you'll feel better.

4. More blood flow means more nutrients to your tissues. Massage increases circulation, there's no doubt about that.  But we often forget what that really means. Our blood does two main things: It brings nutrients to our cells and it takes away the waste products.  By increasing the flow of blood both in and out, our bodies are able to repair any damaged areas.

5. If pain is our bodies way of getting our attention, then massage is our way of saying, "Yes, I heard you." We often remind our clients that pain is the body's way of getting our attention and hopefully we respond before it gets louder.  Our therapists know the ins and outs of soothing the body's calls for help that when we are done, those painful responses are often no longer present. 

Massage really can positively effect a painful condition.  Our approach to massage at Upward Spiral is to make lasting change in the body's structure, helping to reduce the cause of pain in the first place. This helps our client's to live the life they want to live. We love our jobs. 

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