How To "Just Sit Down and Write"

When we sit down to write, we are often confronted by the inner critic who just wants to get a word in edgewise. The voice of this harsh judge will sometimes be enough to scare our creative animal to the darkest corner. 

But there is tremendous value to just allowing ourselves to put pen to paper and let it go where it takes us. 


In Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg offers 6 guidelines for writing our first thoughts. We just ask the censor to step aside and let the stream-of-consciousness thoughts to flow and flow and flow.  Though it sounds simple, its actually quite challenging. Here they are:

  1. Keep your hand moving
  2. Don't cross out
  3. Don't worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar
  4. Lose Control!
  5. Don't think, don't get logical
  6. Go for the jugular

In 2014, we will be beginning a new series called RightNow/WriteNow.  Each Wednesday we will post a different mindful centering and writing exercise. Hope you enjoy them!