RightNow/WriteNow :: Hands


Our hands do a lot for us. In fact, pretty much everything in the world exists because someone used their hands to create something.

Our hands also represent our capacity for "handling" what life brings, as well as knowing when to hold on or let go of certain situations, ideas, relationships, identities. 

RightNow: Take a moment and acknowledge your hands. Look at them. Are they cold, worn, dry? Is there something they could use right now? Use the fingers and thumb of one hand to squeeze the palm and fingers of the other for a little hand massage. Make sure to do both sides. Then take a few minutes and allow each hand to relax. Perhaps thank it for all that it does for you. 

WriteNow: Set your timer for 5-10min. Allow yourself to just write about your hands. If your hands could speak to you what would they say? What do you like about your hands? Are there things you'd like to say to your hands? Make a list of all the things you do with your hands. Then make a list about the new things you'd like to do with your hands (or that your hands would like to do...). 

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