Writing with Aromas :: Worthy of Love :: February 15th

This February, we are introducing the evolution of our Writing with Aromas workshop. In this unique workshop, we will explore two oils, first individually then together in a duality blend.


Pine is divine in how it holds us up; inhaling this oil brings a strength to the spine and helps us to sit upright and proud. Rose is known as the "oil of the heart" and invokes in us a deep sense of love and belonging. Together these aromas provide a gentle but persistent knock at the door to our hearts and the courage to open and allow the light inside.

2003-01-29 23.00.00-1.jpg

Finding love in our lives requires first that we see all there is to love in ourselves.

Join us for a sensory exploration of the self. We will use aromatherapy, mindfulness practices and writing to explore the question, "What makes you worthy of love?"

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