5 Benefits of a Biomat Treatment

Upward Spiral is one of the only places in Tampa that offers Biomat Treatments.  The Richway Far-Infrared Biomat is an FDA approved medical device and is beneficial for a range of conditions and ailments.  The Biomat uses amethyst and tourmaline crystals to produce infra-red heat waves and negative ions that help engage the bodies natural healing mechanisms. Here are our favorite benefits of the Biomat:

  1. Increases Immune System. The Biomat will give a boost to the immune system, making it harder for foreign invaders to negatively affect your body.  It will also help keep symptoms from immune disorders at bay.
  2. Increases Circulation. A lot of our illnesses come from not moving and being too cold. The Biomat helps to evenly increase circulation and cover more area than a typical heating pad. An elevation of core body temperature will be sustained longer with the Biomat as well.  The benefits continue even while you are off the mat.
  3. Increases Serotonin. Serotonin is our "feel good" hormone. By engaging the relaxation response, the Biomat helps your body to produce more of this hormone, which helps you to feel better.
  4. Reduces Inflammation and Muscle Tension. Painful conditions often involve at least one, if not both, of these. The infra-red heat works differently with the body than conventional heating pads so it will actually help reduce inflammation rather than cause it. The relaxation of the muscles can help tight muscles let go and stay loose longer. Clients often remark that the pains they were experiencing before laying on the mat are reduced or gone completely when they get up. 
  5. Reduces Insomnia. Its hard to lay on the mat for very long without starting to drift off. This mat has been helpful for people that have a hard time getting to or staying asleep. Just give us 30 minutes and you will see why!

The Biomat is also often used for detoxing the body, helping the metabolism normalize, balance out the ph of the body, and even helps to make the body uninhabitable to viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells. 

We offer a complimentary 30 Biomat session to all first-timers. Book your session now. The Biomat is also included in all our massage services (when appropriate).