5 Ways to Help US Win the FedEx Grant

As you might have heard, we're in the running to win a small business grant from FedEx. The first crucial step to winning is to get as many votes as we can by Feb 23rd. Each person can vote once day. So we need help. 

The grant would allow us to take a substantial step towards our goal for this year, to open our own healing center.  The Upward Spiral Center will be a home for healing and transformation in Tampa and a way that we can grow our Upward Spiral community to help more people. 

Here a a few ways that you can help us make this possible:

  1. Vote for US. This is the easiest and most essential thing you can do to help us. It seems obvious but every vote counts.
  2. Vote for US everyday. This one is a little more challenging, but if you are connected with us on Facebook, there will be daily reminders. You can even request to be tagged each day to further remind you. Private message US and we will make sure you won't forget US. 
  3. Share on Facebook or Twitter and encourage your friends to vote. Make sure to mention "vote for Upward Spiral." You might also include why you think we are so great. Get them excited about participating. 
  4. Send an email to hit up the non-social media types. We all know them. There are certain people who haven't given into the draw of constant digital connection. We want to make sure they are still in the loop! 

  5. Keep US in your thoughts and prayers. It sounds simple but we know that this works.  The more we all envision the Center, the more it will effortlessly become a reality. See a beautiful and nurturing space in a central Tampa location, where people come for healing sessions, group classes, and one-of-a-kind aromatherapy needs.  

We are excited to have you all be a part of this.