RightNow/WriteNow :: Thoughts on Water


Let's take a moment and give our attention to water, the water we drink, use for washing and recreation, the water we experience as rain and snow as well as beaches and rivers. It's all around us. 

RightNow: Take a moment to reflect on water. How is your hydration? Can you practice gratitude the next time you wash your hands or take a shower? Think about a soothing place with running water like the beach, a river, or waterfall. Create for yourself a mini retreat for the day. 

WriteNow: Take a moment to just sit down and write about water. Allow your pen to move effortlessly, letting whatever comes to mind to spill across the page. Imagine you are diving into the water of your own unconscious (because you are) and let the images, memories, and disjointed ideas flow. You might be surprised at what you find. 

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