Newsletter :: Self-Forgiveness

I've fallen off my blogging and newsletter wagon again, but I am choosing not to dwell on missed time. Can you relate?

Even though it's easy for this to pull us into a downward spiral of negative self-talk and feeling like we can't do anything right, I will argue that it also can be the beginning of an upward spiral. 

Each new day brings new opportunity to face what we fear, become more of who we are, and choose the life we want to live.  As long as we remember this eternal opportunity, we can be ever-refreshed with the blessings life does bring us. 

Even though I didn't keep to my schedule, my time was spent in other valuable ways. I was working hard to become a finalist for the FedEx Small business grant. And because of YOUR HELP, Upward Spiral is in the running for the $25,000 grand prize!FedEx will announce the winners on March 24. Please keep us in your thoughts until then.

Watch our video series on YouTube - another place we explored the fear of putting ourselves out there.

The more we can forgive ourselves for not living up to our potential in the past, the more we can redirect that energy to live our potential in the future.  For me, self-forgiveness is the first step in moving forward and embodying self-love.

Hope to see you soon.

In Joy,