What is Upward Spiral Therapy?

Upward Spiral Therapy is an integrative approach to therapeutic massage and holistic healing. 

It  is primarily based on the techniques of Structural Energetic Therapy® as taught by Don McCann and CranioSomatic Therapy® as taught by Dallas Hancock.  We take a structural approach to treating acute and chronic painful conditions in the body as well as freeing up stuck emotional energy. 

Each session is a unique combination of the advanced techniques listed above and Blossoming Heart Aromatherapy, Himalayan Hot Stones, heated herbal pillows, biomat treatment, and aromatherapy in the air and/or massage blend.

Our goal is to initiate an upward spiral in your body and life by releasing the core distortion pattern. This unwinding process will allow you to relax more fully and explore your true potential

Anthony and Nyssa are here to help you start an upward spiral

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