Newsletter :: Run Towards Your Dreams

Many of you know from the FedEx campaign that we are planning to open our own healing center this year and that we need help with funding. It started about a year ago, when synchronicity dropped the perfect location in my lap. Since then, I've been learning all that it will take to run a center, what kind of help I need, and where I can get it from. 

When you have a dream, you have two choices, and they both involve running. You can allow the fear of "how" to scare you in the other direction, or you can look that fear in the face, acknowledge that it's just a mirage, and run towards it until you see all the pieces of your dream falling together. 

And, of course, it may just be a mix of the two. I've fluctuated between these two poles throughout the year, but with the support all around me there's only one choice: To put everything I can into the next few months to make my dream come true. 

Here are more details about what we want to build and how you can help us. Essentially, if we can raise an average of $10,000 a month until July, we will sign the lease and begin construction to open in September. We've already had several generous donors, and we know there are more out there. 

Could you or someone you know become an angel donor or love investor? Read more here.

You can also donate $333 or more and become a part of our Roots of Support gift level. For your donation, you can have your name and special message displayed permanently in our center's entryway. Inspire everyone who walks through our door, and let them know that you were a part of the beginning. 

We're planning an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for mid-May, but early donations will help us to determine a reasonable crowdfunding goal.

The number one thing you can do to support US is to continue to support our business. Schedule your appointment, sign up for a class, or even purchase a product in our growing online store.