What Can YOU Do? :: Guest Blog by Peter Baker

Progress is not measured on a straight line.
— Peter Baker

What can YOU do?

I like the name "Upward Spiral Center."  

One of the hardest shapes for our muscles to move in is a straight line. This also applies to any type of progression.  Do you ever feel like some days you can do certain things but on other days you can do different things? This is not an accident.

Our progress is not measured on a straight line.  As a personal trainer, I make it a point to impart that knowledge on my clients.  Just because you can't do one movement or exercise one day, doesn't mean you can't do another one even better than before.

My story of what I could and couldn't do:

About two years ago, I was in a lot of pain.  On a scale of one to ten, I was feeling suicidal. It hurt to move.  I COULDN'T move in many ways.  

By focusing on what I was able to do, I reached out to Nyssa.  Maybe she could (literally, physically) move my muscle and connective tissue, I thought.  

She did. I noticed a drastic decrease in the pain I felt.  As a result, there was more I was actually able to do.  

At the same time, I was putting a lot of energy in competitive powerlifting, a contest where you get 3 attempts to max out your Benchpress, your Squat and your Deadlift. But I couldn't do any of that with the pain I was experiencing.

After a session at Upward Spiral the pain decreased and I could come close to doing the lifting I enjoy.  I could do little tiny squats and deadlifts. They certainly weren't the same weight or range of movement I was accustomed to, but that didn't matter.  I made progress and it was more than before, so I was happy.  

Nyssa helped me a lot during that time, and a long story short, after several sessions and continued self-care, I was able to compete again. I was able to deadlift an all time personal best of 520lbs at a bodyweight of 177lbs. That was great. I focused on what I could do to make progress in other areas later.

Can you, or Can't you?

How does this apply to you? You have a lot going on in your life. You have goals, you have dreams and everything in between. Focus not on the straight line, but on the spiral--YOUR upward spiral. If you feel like you are stuck in one area do not dwell on the one stuck area (you have so much in your life going well, it IS less efficient to dwell on the few wrong things than on all the RIGHT things).

Ask yourself "What CAN I do right now?" It might be laundry, sending an email, calling a parent, or whatever.  After that, find something else you CAN do. Those "Can'ts" will get nullified pretty quickly and you will see you are effortlessly traveling along the upward spiral. 

I did.

If you would like to learn more, check out my website www.peterdbaker.com and sign up for my newsletter and keep on focusing on what YOU are able to do.


In addition to being a competitive powerlifter and practicing No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, Peter is a trainer, thinker and music geek. He has continued along his upward spiral which includes transforming his knowledge and experience into a career as a personal trainer.  

Peter is available for consultation and personal training in Tampa, FL for fat loss and strength training.