Why Nyssa Needs a Break

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For over a decade now, my schedule has revolved around my massage clients. I’ve said many times that I hope to do massage for the rest of my life, and I still feel that way. But I have now begun to see that doesn’t mean I must do it continuously for the rest of my life.

In short, I’ve been teetering on all around burnout. I don’t think anyone is surprised by this, because I have long identified as someone who “always has a lot going on.” And I have kept up this identity for quite some time. But the older I get, the more I see the ways that my lifestyle is not sustainable. So, above and beyond building a successful business, I desire a life that also includes joy, comfort, and rest. I’m needing a little more yin with all the yang I got going on.

I decided back in the spring that I needed to take a break from seeing clients and be able to create an openness in my schedule that I’ve never had before.

I can only educate others about rest and the healing benefits of doing nothing for so long before I have to take a hard look at my own life and see why I need to learn these lessons, too. It’s time for me to dedicate time to being able to focus on myself.

The good thing is, the business is in a place where I can do this. Though my massage clients are a big part of what we do, I am not the only person that can offer Upward Spiral Therapy.

Lara has been with me for three years, and she has helped many clients in this time. Now Emily is licensed as well and is beginning her journey as an Upward Spiral Therapist! With only two rooms in our center, my stepping back will allow them the space to build their practices, and I know my clients will benefit greatly from working with them.

I absolutely love seeing clients and helping them grow, but I know I can’t inspire in someone else what I do not know myself. It is time for me to go deeper within. I’ll be bringing back messages from my journey and know that it will be for the benefit of all of Upward Spiral’s team and community.