Relief from Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome

By Lara Hayward, LMT

Clients often come to me saying they have "sciatica pain." I have found from experience that sciatica pain can sometimes be caused by the piriformis muscle compressing or “impinging” the sciatic nerve. Upward Spiral Therapy helps to balance the client's pelvis and release overly tight gluteal muscles (including the piriformis). This process has helped a lot of my clients. 

Along with addressing my clients' pain, I also love educating them on their bodies, so they can play an active role in the healing process. Articles like this have helped clients further understand their sciatic pain and diagnosis with Piriformis Syndrome. 


Nick is one of my clients who was experiencing sciatica pain. I started seeing Nick in the spring of 2017, with sciatic pain and a herniated disc. During the course of his massage treatment, we determined that most of his sciatica pain was being caused by tight muscles in his left glute— specifically the piriformis muscle.

Once we worked out the tightness and balanced out his pelvis, his sciatica pain diminished significantly. He now feels very little pain in his gluteal region. He was able to return to his very physical job as a tattoo artist (our neighbors!), and now he comes in for massage maintenance once a month. He feels MUCH better!

In Nick's Words:

Before meeting Lara, I was in pretty agonizing pain due to a herniated disc and sciatic nerve pain, which traveled from my back to my heel. Standing, sitting, and walking were all painful and my quality of life was diminishing. Lara’s massages have done wonders for me. She works different parts of the body and massages the muscle out until it releases. She is kind and understanding and works with your pain level each time. We started on a weekly plan and over time have lessened and lessened the frequency I go, due to my recent lack of pain thanks to Lara! I now see her much less frequently and am in almost no pain whatsoever. I would highly recommend Lara and Upward Spiral to anyone in pain who needs relief.
— Nick O., Tampa

I suggested to Nick that he watch the following two videos. The first video explains what Piriformis Syndrome is and what the four anatomical variations of the sciatic nerve are. The second video features stretches that he can do at home to help stretch out the overly tight piriformis muscle.

Piriformis Syndrome , sciatica - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Top 3 Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome

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