Letting Go and Letting Grow

Have you noticed that it’s getting darker just a little earlier each day? We’re beginning to move into the time of year when night comes sooner and lasts longer. This is a great time for contemplation, introspection, and clearing out.

Store Hours Ending.png

With this change in season, we’ve decided to make some changes at Upward Spiral. We’re shifting towards selling our products online and opening our brick and mortar by appointment only. This will provide the freedom for Upward Spiral to grow through its next phase.

How You Can Continue to Enjoy the Upward Spiral Store:

  • Make a purchase from our online store. Locals, use the coupon code PICKUP and receive no charge on shipping. As soon as we receive your order, we’ll contact you with the soonest available pickup time (usually within 24 hours). BROWSE THE ONLINE STORE.

  • Purchase products before or after your massage appointment. Our appointment hours are remaining the same, so you can still take home goodies after your treatments. SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

  • Contact us to arrange a visit. Coming to this side of town next week and know you want to stop by? Want to see if we’re in today and able to help you? Just contact us here and we’ll respond as soon as we can. CONTACT US.

Though this wasn’t an easy decision, we know it’s the right decision for our next phase of growth.

So we ask you, what in your life do you need let go of so you can grow in the ways you desire?