The Best Thing You Can Do This Year

Have you ever listened to the things you say to yourself each day? Do you cheer yourself on, or do you judge and criticize yourself like it's your full-time job?

talking to plants.JPG

If talking to plants helps them grow, then we can only imagine that how we talk to ourselves matters.

Take our word for it: You can change your day for the better or the worse just by the way you talk to yourself. 

One day last summer, while I was getting ready to open Upward Spiral for the day, I found that the bathroom mirror had jumped off the wall and shattered on the floor.

We made this sign to take the mirror's place until we got a new one:


We loved it so much that we decided to commemorate it with a frame, and now I see this every day alongside the new mirror. I bet nothing but smiles grace that mirror because of this sign.

I make a living by touching people, and I see a lot of bodies.

If there's one thing I hope you know, it’s this: 

Your body is beautiful. Your body is perfect. Your body is precious. 

If your mind thinks otherwise, just tell it to come talk to me. 😁


P.S. Does your body need a little more love? Show it you care by booking a massage. If you don't live close by, then for goodness sakes, find yourself the best massage therapist around.