Why You Need To Laugh

When I first read that laughing is good for the heart, I felt like I had won the lottery. I love laughing (I mean, who doesn’t). So to find out that it not only feels good but that it’s also good for you … How often does THAT happen!?

Rather than having laughter as my best medicine, I’d rather use laughter on the preventative side and make it part of my lifestyle. Even the American Heart Association says we need to laugh more.

Benefits of Laughter:

  • The positive effects of laughter can last in the body up to 24 hours

  • Decreases stress and anxiety

  • Dilates blood vessels

  • Increases circulation

It’s really cool to think about all the other positive effects this will bring. For example, the purpose of the blood is to transport nutrients. If we’re increasing circulation, our brain is getting more oxygen, more of our cells are getting fed, and more waste is getting to where it needs to go, so we can release it.

Our bodies are amazing, aren’t they? And laughter can do all of this for us!

So what do you do when you need a laugh? One of my favorite websites is CakeWrecks.com.  They post cakes that just went wrong, like this one titled “Happy Falker Satherhood” (the cake’s supposed to say “Fatherhood”). They even have a video of someone returning to the bakery to ask the decorator what happened. Classic.

Post your favorite website, video, picture, meme, or anything else that’s a sure-fire way to get those chuckles on in the comments. Let’s make this page a laugh-fest! Our hearts will thank us.