The Start of the Center Fund

For over a year now we've been planning to open the Upward Spiral Center for Healing and Transformation. We've grown a lot in the past year learning more about operating a growing and multi-faceted business, the art of working with others, what its means to create a brand, what it is we are doing exactly, and most importantly, who we really are...

All that is also mixed with still doing what we love. This means working day and night, but still loving it *most* of the time. 

So we've begun fundraising. 

Our goal is $50,000 by July 15, 2014. That would give us enough time to sign the lease, complete our buildout needs, and be ready to open in September. 

The GOOD NEWS: We are already almost 30% to our goal!

We are starting with $5,000 and have received a $5,000 donation. We've also been promised another $5,000 donation. That means we've already got $15,000 already!

Our plan is to look for angel donors and love investors and create some other fundraising events and campaigns. Every little bit counts and so for now we are just thankful for your continue business. 

WE will be posting frequently with more ways to help US build the center.