Help US build the Upward Spiral Center

Have you heard the news?


Until March 28th, we are running a campaign on Indiegogo to help raise funds for this relocation.


We have a special place on our website with a list of names of everyone who contributes at the "Gift of Thanks" level and above. 


How are we expanding?

Starting in August, we will have:

  • A Store :: aromatherapy and healing products, relaxation chair with the mini biomat, consultations with trained aromatherapists, resources on other healing practitioners. 
  • A Large Room :: this is for our classes in Heart Forgiveness, writing, meditation. We will also offer private and semi-private yoga in this space too. 

How can you help US?

You can help us in several ways:

We want to help connect the healing community in Tampa and become the center of an Upward Spiral of Healing and Transformation.