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Using Essential Oils in a Mindfulness Practice Webinar

Breathing is one of the most essential activities of being alive, yet it often goes unnoticed and is often under-nurtured. Both aromatherapy and meditation bring awareness back to the power of the breath. When combined, they create a powerful healing tool. 

In this webinar, Nyssa will help you utilize these practices in a way that works for you, enhances your health, and deepens your connection to your life. 

You will learn: 

  • Why aromatherapy and meditation are ideal healing allies
  • How to meditate (and why it’s easier and more fun than you think)
  • The difference between bringing aromatherapy into your meditation practice and bringing meditation into your aromatherapy practice (and why we need both)
  • Nyssa’s favorite resources for continuing the inner journey

You will also experience a guided meditation led by Nyssa. For the full experience, have one of your favorite essential oils on-hand. This is a preview of the Essential Oil Meditations that is one of the many learning tools you’ll find in the Inner Sanctum Membership. 

This program offered as a monthly webinar for the members of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. You must be a member or a student of ours to be able to join in. ONE of the MANY reasons to be a member of this awesome organization.

A recording of this webinar can be purchased from