Upward Spiral Essentials

No synthetics, no adulterants, and no high-markups.

Only the essential oils + our love + you.


Explore the power of aromatics to accelerate your upward spiral. 

Ever peel an orange and immediately inhale its scent? Or what about stopping and smelling the rosemary?

These unique scent experiences happen from the volatile (easily evaporating) components of the plants, many of which have medicinal properties and can aid in healing many conditions at home.

In general, many different essential oils can help:

  • respiratory issues
  • inflammation
  • pain
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • wound healing
  • skin issues
  • mental fatigue
  • general well-being

The world of plant medicine is so vast that there are there will be many different oils that will work for a particular person's issue(s). Also, each oil has many different oils. We recommend exploring a few oils at a time to get to know them well, how best to use them, and how they work with your body.