Our goal is to help clients travel along their upward spiral of healing and transformation.  We offer several unique holistic healing services to achieve this goal.  

Our specialty is Upward Spiral Therapy.

We offer packages of 6 sessions for the price of 5 (good for 6 months) and discounts for regular service called "Monthly Maintenance."

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Advanced Therapeutic Massage :: best for pain relief

Advanced Therapeutic Massage sessions are recommended for clients wishing to make lasting changes in their body for rehabilitation or prevention of painful conditions. Primarily, these sessions combine deep tissue work as taught in Structural Energetic Therapy® with releases in the cranium with CranioSomatic Therapy®. 

$75 – 60 minutes          $110 – 90 minutes

Energetic Healing :: best for relaxation and balancing

A creative way to de-stress and engage our natural healing mechanisms. For clients who want to quiet their inner world, heal from old emotional/physical injuries, and get deeper in touch with themselves.

$75 – 60 minutes          $110 – 90 minutes

Emotional Energy Release Therapy :: best for stressful times

Based on Bioenergetics by Alexander Lowen, this service uses continuous deep breathing techniques to create a discharge in the bodies issues to release stored emotional energy. Great for life transitions and trauma release.

$110 – 90 minutes 

Prenatal Massage :: best for expecting moms

For moms-to-be who need relief from the hard work of creating new life! These sessions incorporate a variety of bodywork systems such as Swedish massage, acupressure, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, myofacial release, manual lymphatic drainage, and reflexology. 

$75 – 60 minutes

Heart Forgiveness :: best for letting go of anger 

A four session series that helps you to release the toxic energy of anger and resentment and learn to live "unoffendable." Read more about this unique therapy

Individual and Group Sessions Available

Biomat :: best for overall rejuvenation

The Amethyst Richway Biomat produces Infrared-Rays and Negative Ions to help you de-stress, reduce pain, boost immunity, detox your body, and promote deep relaxation and healing. Session includes aromatherapy.

$35 – 30 minutes          $55 – 60 minutes