Experience the Freedom of Heart Forgiveness™

Learn to let go of anger quickly and effectively and learn to become unoffendable.

with Anthony Dennett

Heart Forgiveness™ is a non-religious and non-cultural expansion of the pure, core part of yourself. It's not about finding out what's wrong with you; it's about expanding what's right.

Over the course of 4 sessions, we will energetically clear angers and offenses, whether they were 5 minutes ago or 50 years ago, with a process that is easy and graceful.  We utilize a clearing process that is a direct communication from your heart and verify with energy measuring (applied kinesiology) when these energies are cleared from your system.

We help you clear the junk and debris so your light can shine from the inside out. 

Benefits of Heart Forgiveness™:

  • Heart Forgiveness™ dissolves anger and resentment.
  • Changes are immediately experienced in your whole being, body, and energy.
  • You learn to live free of anger, in essence, to live unoffendable.
  • Heart Forgiveness™ releases healthy hormones into your whole body.
  • Your life energy flows with ease, bringing more peace, love, and joy into your life…

A session may last 60-90 min and can be done individually or with a group. You will get exercises to do at home during the week between sessions.  

What Others Have Said:

"I feel calmer and more centered and more compassionate toward myself. I am better able to take care of myself now and can listen to my wishes and inner voice/spirit. I don't feel angry in the office space of my job. The other people are just there. I don't feel bothered by them, and I don't give my energy away. Possibly a bigger shift: I am playing my flute more often and with a more beautiful expression. Thank you! I appreciate Anthony taking the time and kind effort to teach me this process. Gracias!"

Individual Session :: $350 (includes materials)

Group :: $250 total (includes materials)

To register for a group class, you can pay the $250 in full or arrange a payment plan. Please contact US at us@upwardspiralcenter.com for payment options.

Check our calendar for the next group date, or reserve a deposit here to make the date for your first individual session.