What others have said about sessions with Nyssa:

I wanted to thank you so much for what you’ve done for me. I had grown so accustomed and assumed that lower back pain was just going to be part of life for me. When I was younger my mom took me to a chiropractor briefly for the pain and it helped a little, but I have to say after our session I haven’t felt pain like I did before. Even when I’m lifting weights I feel more confident and there’s not hesitation whether or not I may injure myself. Thank you so much!
— A.C., Tampa
I hurt myself pretty badly. What started as a normal back strain, turned into searing and radiating pain going down my leg and to my foot after long periods of sitting. My left leg was weaker than a dying kitten, and walking was a chore. Standing up at work helped. Then, a lightbulb went off and I thought of my friend Nyssa Hanger. I came to Nyssa because I trusted her after knowing her for years, and she recommended a session. At that point, I would have tried anything. After the first session, I could actually feel the strength come back to my leg, and the pain decreased immensely. A week later, after session two, the pain lessened further. It is still here, but it gets better every day in small but important ways. Thank you for the suggestion and the treatment and a sense of normality, Nyssa Hanger.
— P.B., Tampa
I came to Nyssa because I was experiencing severe lower-back pain. I had been diagnosed with scoliosis in my pre-teen years and back pain was something I became quite familiar with. But when I decided to see Nyssa, my pain was elevated more than usual. After our first session the pain eased up, and I immediately noticed a difference in how I felt. And so began the process of my body opening up. I would see her on a regular basis and other physical issues such as sinus aches would come up and then be relieved. Her therapy has helped with major improvements to my scoliosis as well. With further treatments, we explore and release the emotional and stress related issues I have stored in my body. It is difficult to describe the beauty and power in the release of such issues. This wonderful healing process continues as I delve further into my healing in more ways than I had expected with Nyssa. It has been, and still is, a real treat.
— D.M., Tampa
I have had recurrent debilitating back pain over the last several years. An emergency room doctor first diagnosed my condition as a lower lumbar strain, and I sought physical therapy for treatment. A year later, when my pain once again immobilized me, I had an MRI and was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my lumbar spine. An orthopedic surgeon told me that it was only a matter of time before my condition would require surgery. This news was devastating, as I am a fairly active woman in my mid-twenties; even after pursuing regular chiropractic care I believed I was doomed to have a “bad back,” with all its limitations, for the rest of my life.

Nyssa Hanger offered me help when I was at a point of near-collapse both emotionally and physically. My back pain was returning, and I felt hopeless about it. I would have tried anything to feel better, but I thank god I tried SET. After my first session, my body felt transformed; I could finally move without pain! My physical relief arrived in tandem with a powerful new way of considering bodily pain and its treatment. Accordingly, my experience with Energetic Emotional Release has been liberating. Nyssa has facilitated a release of stale energy, creating space for positive new developments in my life. Out with the old, and in with the new! It’s not sufficient to say that my “bad back” has been cured; rather, my back is now one part of an integrated whole that is improving every day.
— M.M., Tampa
For the last several years I have been suffering from intermittent neck and shoulder pain. It had escalated into pain so severe that it was hard to turn my head while driving and sleeping was a problem. Chronic pain was a constant although I didn’t realize how constant it was until it completely stopped! I’m still feeling totally healed after just one incredible session. I’ve never had that much of a shift from just one massage before. My neck and shoulders are totally better. I have no pain while doing any activities and never feel pain when I sleep. You are a true healer!
— P.E., Tampa
I have suffered from serious migraines for more than 20 years. My headaches were either pretty bad or crippling. Throughout college, I kept headache medicine in my back pack. My family, from whom I inherited this malady, urged me to visit the doctor to get stronger drugs. Nyssa suggested I try a session, so I gave it a shot. I did two sessions with her and noticed a serious improvement immediately thereafter. Now, headaches are rare and I can’t even remember what those ridiculous migraines even felt like. Two sessions. One of them wasn’t even a full hour.
— C.I., Tampa
I started SET back in the fall of 2008 as both a musician and a professor who spends many hours in front of a computer. SET has been a godsend in keeping my body from falling into debilitating patterns and has kept me limber and performing my best. In addition to SET, I began routine EERT mostly out of curiosity and found that it relieved deep emotional stress, some of which I didn’t even know was there! EERT also resulted in personal insights and clarification of my life direction. Through it all, Nyssa has been a solid Rock of Gibraltar, gently yet determinedly guiding me to much improved physical and emotional health. Thanks Nyssa and thanks for SET and EERT!
— S.S., Tampa
It’s been about 2 years since I’ve started SET and it has been life changing for me. I have suffered from depression for most of my life and along with that I have felt the physical effects from it; stiff joints, sore muscles and back aches. SET work has allowed me to be more in-tune with my body and has allowed me to understand the importance of the mind-body connection. Just after a couple of sessions, I had relief from the little nagging pains that I have had that I could never pinpoint where they came from. I have better posture and don’t feel so weighed down; it’s not uncommon for other people to comment “there’s something different about you”. I have almost forgotten about the amount of pain I used to be in, now that I am virtually pain free. I recommend Structural Energetic Therapy® to almost everyone I know because I believe in the work and have seen the benefits first hand.
— N.D., Tampa
I am a healthy woman in my early 50’s that has always been enthusiastic about wellness and learning all I could about taking care of my health. I believe being in the best possible shape both mentally and physically to live a quality life at all ages and stages. I have believed in nutrition, exercise, vitamins, sleep and alternative medicine in conjunction with traditional medicine when necessary. I have enjoyed massage for both therapy and enjoyment.

When I first heard about SET massage, it was totally foreign to me. I was having a pain in my upper back that was the culmination of what I called the “perfect storm”. The “perfect storm” was caused by a vehicle accident where I was rear ended, coupled with stress, ergonomic issues from sitting in an improper chair bent over a laptop computer for long periods of time and a chiropractic adjustment that went awry.

My back pain was acute and ongoing for a period of over one month (actually approaching 2) when I decided to give SET therapy a try. I only signed on for 3 sessions and was quickly a believer. I not only had definite relief from the pain, but found that other “lesser” aches and pains that I never paid too much attention to, were relieved as well. It is truly a wonderful vehicle for finding and improving imbalances found in our bodies.

Two years after the back episode, I had a foot problem called Plantar Fasciitis. After limited, but not full relief after seeing a Podiatrist, I decided to try SET therapy. My foot was bothering me but even more troubling was shooting electrical pains that would run up and down my leg when I was in bed. Once again, I had unexpected and dramatic, great results with the SET therapy. Not only did my foot feel 99% better, the electrical pains ceased the very day of the therapy. I also had an unexpected bonus of relief from bedtime hip pain that I just chalked off as an unfortunate part of normal aging.

I believe SET therapy has a lot to offer to correct bodily imbalances and is a legitimate and beneficial treatment for almost all of us.
— B.P., Tampa
Nyssa is wonderful. She is the most skilled massage therapist that has ever worked on me. She takes the time to listen and get to know the client’s needs; you can tell that she really cares about helping. Whatever is ailing me feels much relieved after a session with her. Upward Spiral is a very pleasant and clean environment and all of the staff are friendly and helpful.
— Lissa B., Tampa