Movement, Mantra, Meditation


Join us for this original Upward Spiral Class that explores the power of coming together for contemplation practices. Find deep relaxation and a few moments to come back to yourself in this busy world.

Taught by Nyssa Hanger, RYT

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Corporate Yoga Also Available

A mid-day yoga practice can help improve productivity, communication, and work-place morale. 

Here's a review from a student after an initial yoga class at her workplace:

 "I really truly enjoyed the class I absolutely loved Nyssa, as the teacher! I thought her humble approach of being on a journey with us was awesome. Her explanations of the movements, the focus of each pose and how to perform it was superb.  The atmosphere she created was relaxing, safe, and non-judgmental. I really hope Nyssa comes back and she is the permanent teacher for this class. I would 100% commit to participating every week if she is the instructor.”

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